Monthly SIP is one most underrated investment option many people tend to ignore during their early stage of professional career. You really don’t need to invest lot of money, in fact just investing Rs.5000 every month at the Age of 25 can you fetch you almost 2 Crores corpus. 🧵

SIP is boring, you don’t get much excitement from it. That’s why many beginners tend to ignore. But remember the PF that is being deducted from your monthly salary is also the same. You are used to it, so never bothered about it.

After 25 years, the PF which you did not care much would be of great help for your children education or Kid’s marriage. In fact, most of our parents did the same with their PF. Just do one thing, check what’s the PF money that is being deducted from your salary every month.

Invest the same amount in a index fund, after 25 years if you compare the investment corpus that is accumulated between PF vs Index funds, you can see a vast difference with your investments. Return on Investment would be much larger in equity.
So don’t ignore SIP, start early.

Want to start SIP now? 

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