Lachhman Das Mittal, an impressive 92-year-old with a net worth of USD 2.5 billion, holds the distinction of being India’s most senior billionaire. He not only serves as the cornerstone of his family but also acts as the driving force behind Sonalika Group, the third-largest tractor manufacturer in India.

In the realm of billionaires, Keshub Mahindra stood out as a significant figure, attaining the title of the oldest billionaire at 99 years old. Keshub Mahindra, the respected former chairman of Mahindra & Mahindra, gained recognition on Forbes’ esteemed 2023 list. Regrettably, we mourn his passing on April 12th.

Lachhman Das Mittal’s life journey is a compelling tale of resilience and accomplishment. Establishing his own enterprise at the age of 60, he transcended modest beginnings as a LIC agent. The inception of his tractor manufacturing venture in 1996 marked a pivotal moment, leading to the creation of Sonalika Tractors.

Nestled in the heart of Hoshiarpur, Punjab, Sonalika Tractors commands a sizable manufacturing complex. However, the Sonalika Group’s impact extends beyond national borders, with operations spanning five countries and a global market presence across 120 nations.

Lachhman Das Mittal embarked on his academic pursuit after completing studies at a government college, delving into postgraduate studies in Urdu and English. His dedication culminated in the attainment of the esteemed MA English gold medal.

Lachhman Das Mittal’s journey to success commenced in 1955 when he joined LIC. Like many individuals of modest means, he diligently saved a portion of his earnings. These accumulated funds fueled his initial entrepreneurial venture, centered around the sale of agricultural equipment. Despite the setbacks of this maiden venture, leaving him in financial turmoil, Lachhman Das Mittal pressed on, eventually conquering adversity.

While the management of Sonalika Group’s operations now rests with Lachhman Das Mittal’s sons, Amrit Sagar Mittal and Deepak Mittal, the unyielding founder maintains an active role in the professional domain. With unwavering determination, he continues to grace the workplace each day, embodying an enduring commitment that stands as a testament to his legacy.


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